Frequently asked questions

Q. How does Wingman work?

In a nutshell, you log your daily flying as you go and the app will automatically back it up for you as soon as internet is available on your device. Wingman will make sure your flying data is safely backed on our secure servers. Your flying data can then be used to create all kinds of reports ranging from Logbooks in different formats, CA39, CPL and ATPL paperwork, etc.

Q. Can I Import my flights from crew scheduling softwares?

Yes, we have currently integrated with AIMS. With the import feature, you can import your flights into the app. The process is very simple and all you need to do is provide the period you want to import. The backend code takes care of parsing the information received from AIMS. We are also working on ARMS and SABRE integration.

Q. Is my data secure?

The app is just an interface to the server where we actually store your data. We value your privacy and have a stringent privacy policy in place.

Q. How do I input my previous flying data in the app?

You can add experience on any aircraft you have flown previously, as well as the totals on current aircraft. This will bring your e logbook up to date with all your totals. The 'Previous Experience' feature lets you input your a/c wise totals exactly as per your logbook columns. Once you input your totals in the app, any flights added after 'Previous Experience' entries will add up as expected and will show correct totals in the PDF reports.

Q. Can I transfer data from another app?

Yes!. We can help you transfer your data from any other logbook app to Wingman. All you need to do is share us that data in .xls or .csv format. We will take care of the rest :)

Is the app compatible with eGCA?

Yes. We are soon going to launch a feature with which your data can be downloaded in the format required by eGCA. In one clik you'll have the file which can be uploaded and reducing the time required to upload data considerably.




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